Initial Appointment

Prior to your visit at our facility, one of our knowledgeable receptionists will make arrangements with you. Our receptionists will assist you by answering any questions in regards to our practice, practice policies, the different types of dental services we provide, as well as the details regarding your first visit. An initial examination appointment will be scheduled at your earliest convenience. Any relevant patient forms will be provided to you, either by mail or by downloading them here.

Alamont Dental Associates - exam room - Bristol, TN dental servicesOn your first visit to Alamont Dental Associates, you will be warmly greeted by one of our receptionists. After processing your information, you will then be brought back to one of our treatment rooms. One of our highly skilled, compassionate general dentists will introduce themselves and after getting to know you better, to understand your wants and desires, will start the examination.

The comprehensive exam will consist of taking a full medial history, complete a thorough dental evaluation including: head and neck examination, cancer screening and detection, full mouth radiography (x-rays), caries detection, periodontal screening examination, and study models, if needed. Once the diagnostic examination is complete, time permitting, your visit may include a complete cleaning of your teeth from one of our caring and gentle dental hygienist. If time does not permit, this will be completed at a follow-up appointment.

During this initial exam, your dentist will communicate any special needs or concerns that warrant attention. All findings will be presented to you and any recommendations will be addressed for your clarity and understanding. A complete treatment plan will be created to guide you towards your ideal smile and optimal oral health.

Your second visit may be a consultation appointment with the dentist. Should any additional records be needed they will then be taken at this time. The dentist will review your individual dental case with you. Our financial coordinator will inform you of the estimate of the costs of treatment and the payment options available to you. Answers to any remaining questions that you have will be addressed.

Our insurance coordinator will help to assist you with your insurance claims and any questions you may have once you have decided to pursue further treatment. As a courtesy to our patients, we will file all dental insurance forms on your behalf. Please understand that you are responsible for treatment that is not covered by your insurance provider.