Periodontics/Laser Procedures

Periodontal disease (“gum disease”) takes many different forms, but is usually a result of bacterial infection of the gums (gingiva). Periodontal disease is a “silent disease process,” usually resulting in no pain or discomfort until the end-stage of the disease. Easily bleeding gums are the first sign of the disease, progressing to loss of attachment and tooth mobility. Untreated, it often leads to severe pain accompanied by tooth loss, alveolar bone loss, and recently has been linked to cardiovascular disease (heart damage) and diabetes.

Dental light fixture - Alamont Dental Associates - Bristol TNFortunately periodontal disease is preventable and manageable, and we offer conventional, as well as, advanced disease-control treatments. We are pleased to announce that we are certified in LANAP™ (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). This procedure is the only FDA approved laser based treatment for periodontal disease and offers regenerative periodontal therapy.

What does this mean to our patients? Less invasive procedures, quicker recovery time, faster healing and the ability to save teeth and soft tissue that might otherwise be lost. This proactive approach to provide hard teeth and soft tissue preservation along with successful maintenance has helped many individuals to turn destructive patterns around and establish stable dental health. Alamont Dental Associates delights in providing the ability for patients to enjoy a healthy, comfortable, satisfying, brilliant smile, no matter what the beginning condition.

  • Conventional Periodontal Scaling and Root Planning
  • Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP)
  • Periodontal Grafting