Bristol dentist Jason Pittman, D.D.S., formerly of Bristol Dental Group, has joined the Alamont Dental Associates family.

Dr. Pittman’s 6th Street location in Bristol was permanently closed due to the presence of a sinkhole in the area. “The damage rendered the building beyond repair and forced us to take the building that had been our dental home for 14 years down for safety concerns,” Dr. Pittman explained. “As we will miss the things that made that location special, we also celebrate the merging of our abilities and resources with nearby Alamont Dental Associates.”

“Alamont has a time-proven record of premium dental care for Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia and has been very accommodating in making our staff and patients feel welcome in this new environment. We feel you will find our new home more than adequate to fulfill all your dental needs and look forward to the opportunity to continue giving all of our patients outstanding dental care now and in the future.”

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