You may be a good candidate for dental implants if tooth decay and tooth loss have affected your quality of life. Dental implants are replacement teeth surgically placed into the patient’s jaw. The new tooth’s “root” is a titanium screw bonded to the jawbone with a custom-made crown fitted over it. As the jaw heals around the anchor (implant) it is bonded tightly around its spiraled shape for a snug and natural fit.

Ttitanium is used in the implant for its unique ability to easily bond with existing jawbone structure. The end result is a natural-looking tooth with a secure root that will allow the patient to live as if the tooth was never lost in the first place. And it looks great in the process! It is essentially a man-made tooth.

Cosmetic & implant dentistry

Dental implants are an effective way to improve overall dental health. They can be considered cosmetic dentistry due to the use of porcelain or ceramic crowns placed over the implant to enhance the look of the patient’s smile. The crown is custom shaped and colored to seamlessly blend in with the existing teeth.

It’s important to replace a missing tooth. Leaving the space empty can cause the other teeth to “drift” toward the gap and cause bone loss in the jaw. A dental implant is superior compared to other prosthetic options since the root of the missing tooth is replaced as well. The implant fills the gap from the crown down into the jaw itself. This continues to stimulate the bone so that it is not lost like it would with a missing tooth.

What about the price of dental implants?

Dental implants are a very complex surgical procedure. It’s considered the Gold Standard for tooth replacement. While the average cost of dental implants is above that of a crown or bridge, it is the better choice for replacing missing teeth. Many insurance plans will not cover cosmetic dental procedures, but the cost of the crown may be eligible for partial reimbursement. Tooth extraction necessary to make room for the implant will likely be covered by insurance. Many dental offices, including Alamont Dental Associates, also offer financing to help with the cost of these procedures.

Dental implants: Before and after

Many implant patients report great results and minimal pain from the procedure. Dental implants offer many positives to alternative methods. Notably, the crown is anchored securely into the jaw with a strong titanium root. This results in a replacement tooth that will last for years to come. Patients who previously had missing or rotted teeth will have a vastly improved experience with eating and drinking. The appearance of the smile will be drastically improved with custom-made crowns that look natural. A beautiful smile is an easy way for an instant confidence boost that will make a great first impression!

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